About Me

A photograph of the author at the Pacific Grove Butterfly Sanctuary in Northern California in front of a butterfly mural.

Hello! My name is Ella. I was born and raised in Vermont, but spent some time living outside of Chicago and in Connecticut growing up. I now live in coastal Northern California. After suffering a head injury at the age of 13, I found it difficult to connect with others going through similar hardships. When I started experiencing a multitude of chronic illness symptoms, I felt more isolated than ever. As a young, adventurous athlete, I find not many others in situations like mine sharing their stories. I hope that by sharing mine here, and encouraging others to do the same, future young, determined people will feel encouraged, heard and seen. We all have the power within us to be chronically courageous.

I am a recent high school graduate taking some time off from school. I am healing from Lyme, Bartonella, MCAS, POTS and more. I am an outdoorswoman, adventurer, hiker, surfer, weightlifter, former ski racer and lacrosse player, and chaser of things that bring me joy. I love the ocean and snow. I dream of one day living on a sailboat and exploring this planet we call home.